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Content Delivery Anywhere

Adaptiva OneSite Cloud enables content delivery no matter where the endpoint is – in the office, at home, or at a coffee shop. Secure Internet P2P capabilities reduce strain on VPNs and the corporate WAN. Azure integration enables CDN content delivery across the globe.

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Adaptive Onesite Cloud Diagram

Automate Endpoint Health

For most large enterprises, the majority of help desk tickets are created due to a handful of issues related to endpoint configurations – missing patches, misconfigured group policy, etc. Many of these issues have required IT staff to physically visit the endpoint to diagnose and remediate the issue – until now. Adaptiva Endpoint Health automatically checks the configuration of endpoints, diagnoses any problems, and remediates any issues.

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Automate Vulnerability Management

Today’s security and IT operations professionals have too many endpoints to manage and too little time to secure them. As a result, security vulnerabilities can often go days, weeks, and even months before they are repaired. Evolve VM introduces a new, rapid approach to endpoint compliance and vulnerability management that automatically detects and resolves issues at the moment it discovers them. It uses peer-to-peer technology to proactively speed time to resolution of endpoint compliance and vulnerability issues faster than any other product on the market today.

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